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Crescent Solitaire Overview

Want to get creative with your cards? The best of Crescent Solitaire will give you the chance to do just that! This free online version of a timeless classic card game will give you an experience that nothing other than Crescent Solitaire can provide. So fan out your cards and open Crescent Solitaire for free online fun today!

How to Play Crescent Solitaire

In Crescent Solitaire, your aim is to move all of your cards from the crescent outer piles into the eight foundation piles in the middle. Here's the interesting part: The bottom four piles build up from Ace to King, and the top four piles build down, meaning there are many ways by which you can free Crescent Solitaire cards from the outer piles. To be moved into the middle piles, cards must be of the same suit and run in sequential order. Crescent Solitaire also allows you to move cards between your foundation piles! Your score is calculated based upon the number of moves you make and how quickly you complete an open Crescent Solitaire round.

Fun Facts about Spider Solitaire

  • Crescent Solitaire is called as such because when the cards are dealt, they fan out into a crescent.
  • The game is only complete when all 104 cards are sorted into their correct piles.
  • Did you know you get five points for each Crescent Solitaire card that is added to the foundation piles?
Good luck and we hope you enjoy the best of Crescent Solitaire!
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